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Excel 2003 (MindLeaders)
This series is designed for beginning and intermediate Excel users. This series teaches learners about creating and editing spreadsheets, what's new in the 2003 version, the Excel interface, navigating, editing, and working with text, values, and formulas, printing, formatting, creating charts and databases, and using images and hypertext in a spreadsheet.
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Effective Business Writing (MindEdge)
Make Your Business Writing More Effective This course focuses on improving business writing. The ability to write clearly and directly is highly prized in organizations. You will learn how to be a better writer and how to revise your writing to make it purposeful and effective. The ideas, techniques, and checklists in this course apply to all forms of business writing: memos, reports, brochures, proposals, presentations, catalogs, and websites. You will learn to recognize key factors for effective writing (clarity, tone, organization, delivery), how to answer the reader's question: "What's in it for me?", and how to structure, format, and write quickly (when appropriate). Other topics include formal and informal outlining techniques, how to revise for wordiness, unnecessary phrases, redundancy, and jargon, and the appropriate use of email in an organizational setting.
Price $95.00
Effective Presentations (MindEdge)
Make Your Presentations More Effective The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is increasingly important in organizational settings. This course helps learners organize, structure, and create presentations. Since many organizations use PowerPoint as a way of communicating information, this course offers advice and guidance on the most effective and persuasive uses of PowerPoint. This course will teach you how to understand the elements in the communications process and better organize your presentations. You will learn PowerPoint graphic rules of thumb and how to create an effective summary slide. You will also understand how to structure persuasive and well-organized presentations. Further, you will learn how to revise PowerPoint slides for clarity and graphic elements. Finally, you will understand success factors for a presentation.
Price $95.00
Equal Employment Opportunity (MindEdge)
Managing Equal Opportunity In this course you will learn about many of the major employment laws, Equal Opportunity issues, and the anti-discriminatory regulations employers must be aware of in hiring, promoting, and firing employees.
Price $79.00
Introduction to Leadership (MindEdge)
The Successful Leader: Introduction to Leadership This course examines how to be a successful (that is, effective) leader. Based on D. Quinn Mills' book, Leadership: How to Lead, How to Live, a text used at Harvard Business School, this course asks the crucial questions about leadership in today's organizations: What is leadership and why is it important? What does effective leadership require? What is visionary leadership? What is the role of charisma? What is the difference between managing, administering, and leading?
Price $75.00
Leading Teams (MindEdge)
The Successful Leader: Leading Teams This course addresses the key issues surrounding leadership in a team. Why is it important? What does it require for a team leader to lead his team effectively? Based on D. Quinn Mills' book, Leadership: How to Lead, How to Live, a text used at Harvard Business School, this course considers how team leaders must account for the special and unique circumstances of working in a team, where responsibility, accountability, communication, and leadership is shared.
Price $55.00
Preventing Sexual Harassment (NHCG)
Sexual harassment is a frequently misunderstood issue facing all businesses. It has become increasingly important to recognize the effects of sexual harassment on the individual, the department, and the company in which it occurs. It is critical that today's businesses go beyond just the legal aspects of sexual harassment.
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Valuing Workforce Diversity (NHCG)More Details+Price $0.00
ASAP Overview
This course is an example of an ASAP authored course.
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